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Living La Vida Frugal!

February 28, 2011

If you’ve read my previous posts you would know I consider myself the number one frugalista and I highly encourage looking fabulous for less. Why would you spend $100 on one thing when you can get an amazing outfit for the same price? My college budget doesn’t usually allow me to pamper myself as much as I would like to without getting into debt, and debt is not a pleasant word when you are in college and or unemployed.

I want to remind everyone that being frugal doesn’t mean being cheap, or at least I don’t like to call it that. Being frugal means being able to manage your money to your advantage and being able to save while spending. It’s hard to keep up with today’s fashion if you don’t have enough money to spend on clothes or if you can’t find an affordable place to shop for what’s in style. There are only two words I look for when I’m shopping, and they are FREE and SALE! (haha) and FREE is not a word we often find while shopping, so I often go for my second option, and that’s SALE. This weekend I took a trip to Manhattan and when I got off the train, I realized that H&M was having a sale on outerwear, and most of the nice spring jackets were 50% off. I got myself a tan trench coat for $25 when the regular price was $50! Now THAT’S what I call a bargain!

So many of you may ask; How do I become a frugalista? Well here are some tips of how to Live La Vida Frugal!

-Search for SALES! some people see something and immediately want it. Remember, NOTHING is new under the sun! You can find the same thing or something that closely resembles it for less money and sometimes even better quality. My mom always says that cheap things come out expensive because you often have to pay for repairs, but that’s not always the case when it comes to clothes, TRUST me!

-Develop a monthly spending plan:  Add up your earnings and make a list of your monthly expenses and include money you use to go out. Put aside the money you NEED to pay any bill(s) you may have.

-Make sure you SAVE up some type of Emergency money. Make sure you DON’T use it for anything unless you REALLY need it.

-When Shopping, keep in mind the amount you are willing to spend without going over your budget. Avoid going inside expensive stores if you can’t afford it.

One last thing, just because you are being Frugal doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself from the good stuff. Once in a while is not a crime to treat yourself to something nice and a little over your regular budget, just DON’T make it a habit. Also just because your being frugal doesn’t mean you should go out and buy a FAKE designer bag or designer shoes just to show off. You might not know this, but people notice when something is fake, don’t walk around giving people something to talk about and committing fashion crimes, it’s NOT cute nor attractive.


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