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Valentine’s Day is almost here, have you found your Sole Mate?

February 8, 2011

Unlike many of you people out there, I can care less bout Valentine’s day, and it’s not because I had a bad break-up, or my heart is broken, but simply because Valentine’s day is UNNECESSARY! yes, I said it! When you’re truly in love valentine’s day is everyday and nothing makes you happier than seeing your significant other happy and by your side. But like Fergie said “Stop chasing them boys and shop some more!” Instead of crying for someone that’s not there, this Valentine’s Day go out and find your true Sole Mate. Here are some cool tips on how to find your Sole Mate this valentine’s day;

1. Go to your favorite shoe store, don’t shop online for shoes. I don’t really recommend buying shoes online unless you know your exact size. Also remember that sizes may vary depending on the shoe maker and the style of the shoes. It takes a long time to return them specially due to the fact they might be shipped from far.Also its always better to try on the shoes before you spend your money.

2. ALWAYS look at the price and make sure your willing to spend that amount on those shoes.

3. Keep your options open! Never settle for the first thing you see. Look around and try on more shoes.

4. Look at the heel, if your not sure how many inches don’t hesitate to ask the store clerk. Make sure your comfortable walking in them.

5. Always remember that when it comes to buying heels, you should always buy them a bit larger to avoid pain.

6. Look at the color. Make sure if these shoes are your new “favorites” you can wear them with anything or with almost anything in your closet.

7. Finally make sure this is not a short term relationship. Hopefully these shoes will last you for quite a while, and they will always be there and accompany you throughout all walks of life 🙂

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