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Five Steps to PERFECT Makeup…

January 20, 2011

Step 1: Apply foundation;  When applying foundation, use your finger like it’s a paintbrush. Start at your nose, spread on to the cheeks, forehead and chin and then blend it with a sponge. If your using powder foundation, make sure you use a powder brush. Apply to skin working from the center of your face out.

Step 2: Conceal dark Circles and other spots; Only apply concealer to the darkest spots which are usually the corners of your eye.

Step 3: Beautify your eyes; Our eyes are the most eye-catching features on our face, so add shimmery shadow from lash line to brows using a sponge applicator. You can also add a lash line above your lashes to define top from bottom. Finally apply mascara to make your eyes look fully open.

Step 4:Apply Blush to flatter the shape of your face; Pick your favorite flush fix and apply it towards cheeks and blend towards ears.

Step 5:Apply lip color that last; Run your tooth brush over your lips to remove flakes and apply lip balm. Then apply your favorite lipstick starting at the center of your lips, and add a second coat with a lip brush. Dab clear or pearly lip gloss to the center of your lower lip to make your mouth appear fuller.

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